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Date creation : 2000
Activity : Hygiene of the ears

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Our ears play a fundamental role in our perception of the world around us and in our communication with others. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, so we need to take special care of them.
Our ears are at the heart of our modern way of life. We use them extensively, and they are constantly exposed to noise, to dust and to electronic devices – earphones, headsets, hearing aids…
Nevertheless they are often neglected, indeed mistreated through inappropriate and dangerous attempts to keep them clean.
Just as we do with the mouth or nose, we should pay more attention to the care of our ears and pass on to our children, starting at a very young age, a healthy attitude and good habits for proper hygiene of the ears.

A-Cerumen is a 2-in-1 solution, safe, gentle and effective in the treatment and prevention of plugs of earwax

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Laboratoires Gilbert has been developing and offering natural self-medication solutions, respectful of human physiology, for the whole family, for more than 110 years.

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