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In 1962, Jacques Batteur, a pharmacist, bought and established Laboratoires Gilbert in Hérouville Saint-Clair in Normandy, France.

In 1986, at the impetus of his son, Laurent Batteur, the Batteur Group began its lightning boom, with the creation and purchase of companies, and industrial investments. Over the 25 years he spent leading the group, the staff expanded from 20 to more than 800, and the turnover grew from 400,000 euros to 150 million euros. An extremely positive result for this builder-contractor, who was devoted to maintaining the firm’s independence and always prided himself on the fact that the company remained family-run.

It’s a desire that he shares with his three children, Anne-Sophie, Cédric and Romain, who took over the management of the family group on 1st January 2012.

Keeping the family tradition, Cédric and Romain Batteur intend to continue the work of their father and grandfather to ensure the continued growth and development of the group’s activities, with a primary focus on managing Laboratoires Gilbert.

Jacques Batteur (1962)

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