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Hei Poa
Hei Poa
Date creation : 1977
Activity : Cosmetics with Monoï from Tahiti

Guillemets ouvrantGenuine Monoï from Tahiti Guillemets fermant

For more than 35 years, Monoï from Hei Poa has been a part of life in France. At the beach or in town, this little bottle is today a cult product. Its delicate and sensual fragrance is evocative of exotic lands.

Monoï from Tahiti contains two ingredients: tiaré flower and Polynesian coconut. Controlled designation of its origin guarantees that it is authentic, of the finest quality and locally made. The recipe for Monoï contains the petals from at least 10 tiaré flowers that have been macerated in a litre of copra oil for 12 days. The copra comes from coral-rich soil and the tiaré flowers are freshly picked while still buds, preferably at dawn.

The moisturising*, softening, soothing and cleansing properties of Monoï from Tahiti are scientifically recognised. Studies have also shown that Monoï from Tahiti has a restorative effect on dry and damaged hair, by repairing the scales on hair fibres, which makes the surface of the hair more regular and smoother.

Hei Poa preserves these precious qualities in the production of its beauty products containing Monoï.

* Moisturising of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Hei Poa
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