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Hospitals and groups

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More than 3,400 partner health establishments

More than 3,400 establishments in Metropolitan France and in the overseas territories and departments have chosen to put their trust in us.

Prestigious establishments use our products daily to treat their patients: AP-HP hospitals (Paris Public Hospitals), French Army hospitals, HCL (Civil Hospitals in Lyon), AP-HM hospitals (Marseille Public Hospitals)... 

An increasing number of Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly, or local and regional authorities also reference our products in order to meet their specific requirements. 

A specific product offering designed for the hospital network

Our products are used in the medical and surgical units for hygiene, antiseptics or skin care: detergent cleansing of the operating table, disinfection before placing catheters or for treating wounds. 

Our teams’ close liaison with physicians has thus enabled us to develop more active specialised medicines: “Gilbert 0.2% sterile aqueous chlorhexidine solution for skin treatment in single-dose container”, or with practical and hygienic benefits compared with the existing products. For example, more than 16 million sterile single-dose containers manufactured in Hérouville Saint-Clair on Laboratoires Gilbert bottelpacks®, jewels of the industry, are found in hospital units. Due to our renowned expertise, more than 20 million products in our catalogue (medicines, biocides and medical devices) are used each day by hospital personnel.

Did you know?

Through its pharmaceutical expertise, Laboratoires Gilbert has become a major contributor to hospitals and groups with the development of specific products for medical and surgical units.

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Laboratoires Gilbert has been developing and offering natural self-medication solutions, respectful of human physiology, for the whole family, for more than 110 years.

Its expertise is recognised in pharmacies and health and beauty stores, for baby and childcare products, natural health and beauty products.