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Date creation : 2001
Activity : Hygiene and nasal care

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Marimer develops products made from seawater for nasal hygiene and offers a full range, suitable for the whole family: adults, children and infants.  Marimer products can be used as part of a daily nasal hygiene routine or occasionally, when combined with ENT treatment for colds, rhinitis and sinusitis.

All Marimer products are made from high-quality seawater that is rich in trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese, known for their therapeutic virtues in treating respiratory ailments. This pure seawater is taken from the bay of Mont Saint Michel in Saint Malo, France, reputed for its large tides of more than 15 metres which, due to violent currents, make the water extremely well oxygenated and give it an abundance of minerals.

All the benefits of this seawater, rich in mineral salts, are preserved, as the sterilisation process is that of micro-filtration, a mechanical method that eliminates all impurities while preserving the properties and trace elements of the seawater.


*This medical product is a regulated healthcare product which bears CE marking, in accordance with regulations.

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