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Our industrial expertise

A France-based industrial tool that is constantly optimised and renewed.

All of our production sites are located in France to guarantee optimal quality delivered by highly qualified staff trained in production technology.

The manufacturing quality of our products is guaranteed by a leading-edge industrial tool that benefits from a bold investment policy and satisfies Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic quality requirements.Over 100 million euros have been invested in production equipment in the last decade.

Raw materials are subject to stringent selection processes and checked at every stage. Rigorous manufacturing procedures are put in place by competent, well-trained staff, in accordance with the principles of GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES (GMP).
We therefore guarantee the traceability of all our products, from design through to use, in compliance with our value chain.

The 5 Laboratoires Gilbert production sites are located in Normandy and Brittany. These are high -performing, reactive establishments, dedicated to the laboratory's trademarks, and offering numerous toll-manufacturing options for our partners' pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


Commissioned in 2010 in response to increasing international demand for preservative-free, sterile, single-dose containers. This building alone covers 59% of the company's overall production of single-dose containers based on our expert knowledge of Blow Fill Seal technology with 7 Bottelpack®® lines.


Created in 1962, this is a multi-purpose pharmaceutical site (cosmetics and medical devices in all types of packaging: vials, tubes, compresses, single-doses, etc.). It also houses 2 Bottelpack® production lines.


With its Ecocert certification, this site, which was opened in 2016, manufactures our cosmetic products and medical devices.


Acquired by Laboratoires Gilbert in 2012, this site specialises in the manufacturer of opaque and translucent cosmetic soaps.


Opened in 2006, this site is dedicated to the production of sterile, single-dose containers. It houses 3 Bottelpack®® lines.




Laboratoires Gilbert complies with the principles of GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP) and our logistics process complies with GOOD PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTION PRACTICES (GPDP).

Our cosmetic plants are ECOCERT-certified for the production, storage and distribution of ORGANIC products.

The quality management system implemented by Laboratoires Gilbert on its pharmaceutical sites, is CERTIFIED BY LNE/G-MED in accordance with ISO STANDARD 13485.


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