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Industrial Expertise

Guillemets ouvrantA leading-edge industrial tool for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
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The 5 manufacturing sites of Laboratoires Gilbert

  • Laboratoires Gilbert

Multi-product production site Manufacture of all types of products, liquids, paste or powder products, packaged under pharmaceutical control in bottles, tubes or soaked compresses.

  • Laboratoires Gilbert

Sterile single-dose container production site As a specialist in sterile single-dose packaging without preservatives, we are experts in Blow Fill Seal technology for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, biocides and cosmetics.

  • Soap factories: Newton & Cosmésoap

Two sites specialised in manufacturing opaque and translucent cosmetic soaps and liquid soaps. The Hérouville site is ECOCERT certified.

  • Laboratoires Gilbert

Cosmetics production site with significant flexibility, ideal for small and medium-sized series of products in jars, bottles and tubes. The site is ECOCERT certified.

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Laboratoires Gilbert has been developing and offering natural self-medication solutions, respectful of human physiology, for the whole family, for more than 110 years.

Its expertise is recognised in pharmacies and health and beauty stores, for baby and childcare products, natural health and beauty products.