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Date creation : 1994
Activity : Magnifying eyeglasses

Guillemets ouvrantMagnifying reading glasses Guillemets fermant

For more than 20 years, Preface has offered a wide selection of magnifying reading glasses for men and women, sold exclusively in pharmacies.

All of our frames are fitted with aspherical condenser lenses that provide reading comfort and visual clarity.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the frames are shaped to follow the contours of the face. With a wide range of styles to choose from, everyone is sure to find the model that best suits their personality.

Our attractive quality reading glasses, inspired by the latest trends, combine pleasure and practicality.

ATTENTION: Magnifying eyeglasses should be used on a temporary basis for a relatively short period of time. Use them in emergency situations or for short reading tasks. Even if you use magnifying eyeglasses, you should still seek medical advice. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can detect potential eye problems.

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Laboratoires Gilbert has been developing and offering natural self-medication solutions, respectful of human physiology, for the whole family, for more than 110 years.

Its expertise is recognised in pharmacies and health and beauty stores, for baby and childcare products, natural health and beauty products.