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Homeopathy for daily ailments

Laboratoires Gilbert has developed a full range of homeopathic medicines to treat daily ailments.

Protected cultivation site .

Plant -based raw materials from a park in the Southern Cevennes11, that has been left uncultivated for 80 years and free of pollution from pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals.

Irrigation water from natural sources that are free of chemical residues.


Rigorous selection of medicinal plants with the highest concentration of active ingredients.

Plants grown in a biotope tailored to the needs of each plant, while taking into account the soil type, the exposure to the sun and the level of humidity.

Manual collection at a time when the plants, whose water content is at the ideal percentage, release the maximum amount of active ingredients.


Expertise in the extraction of active substances in order to benefit from their full potential.

Plants are transformed into mother tincture on site. This prevents oxidation cost by lost time in transportation and processing.

The production of mother tinctures is carried out according to traditional homeopathic methods.

Mother tinctures are protected from air and light at a controlled temperature.

Drying by natural ventilation for dry plants used in the composition of our formulas, in order to preserve the properties of plants.


Complex homeopathy blending 3 plant strains whose effects combine and complement each other.

Lactose -free granules to avoid the risk of intolerance.

Combination of plants that act on symptoms, their causes and their consequences.

Strains are added in low dilutions to trigger homeopathic drainage. Specific individual terrains are not taken into account.

In -vitro and in-vivo studies 2,3,4,5

The manufacturing process is validated complies with traditional homeopathic methods .
The parameters are checked at each stage in the manufacturing process.

A medical ncluding homeopathic doctors, pharmacists, toxicologists, researchers and botanists is involved in the development and monitoring of medicines.Subject to availability and except for wild or non-endemic plants

2 Gress S et al. Dig1 protects against locomotor and biochemical dysfunctions provoked by Roundup.

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