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Our mission

Heal different

To make health human and accompany the entire family on a daily basis, regardless of age.

To provide universal access to preventive, curative solutions designed in France, that are vital, effective and safe.

To combine the best of science and nature in order to offer health and well-being solutions that are perfectly adapted to human physiology.

Laboratoires Gilbert offer a complete health and well-being package for all thanks to its dedicated brands in baby care, ENT and the natural health sector.

Laboratoires Gilbert working alongside health professionals

To offer better support for everyone in their search for well-being, our core principles are based on training and heightening awareness amongst health care professionals to ensure that appropriate quality advice is available for all problems:


Since 2010, Laboratoires Gilbert have adopted a policy to promote communication and the exchange of information with health professionals, especially paediatricians and midwives.

The main contact persons for young parents and future parents, these professionals are the best ambassadors for our products and especially for our infant formula, Physiolac.


Armed with the experience gained with the Le Comptoir Aroma brand, Laboratoires Gilbert help health professionals to understand aroma therapy in an appropriate, personalised manner through training evenings, practical workshops and intensive training sessions. An e-learning platform has been created to reinforce this programme, offering modules adapted on line with pharmacy constraints and delivered by doctors of pharmacy and aroma therapists.

With you on a daily basis

Hi Families

Laboratoires Gilbert is proud to launch HiFamilies.fr, the family webzine providing parents with advice and information. This on-line magazine sheds light on health and well-being issues through thematic content, which is constantly renewed and endorsed by experts and services. It also provides useful tips and information (competitions, product testing, etc.).


A firm commitment towards the future

Mindful of the well-being of mankind and the environment, Laboratoires Gilbert undertakes to support families across borders through unified, humanitarian action for those who are most vulnerable.

We have decided to devote vital dedicated resources to allow our existing partners to have a real impact. We are also endeavouring to make as many material contributions as possible (donations of hygiene products and basic necessities, school equipment, etc.) to guarantee the successful completion of other projects.

Strong partnerships have been forged through this undertaking:

Association Affienou

Association Affienou

Education & health for the Ivory Coast.

Created in 2007 by Laboratoires Gilbert employees, the initial aim of the association was to open the Jacques Batteur College in the village of Affienou on the Ivory Coast. Since then, further action has been taken to support education, promote the health of local families such as restoration of the local pharmacy, the opening of a canteen and even a student grant, etc.

Secours Populaire Français

Laboratoires Gilbert supports the Secours Populaire charity through:
- The provision of hygiene products and basic necessities via the association's pharmacy.
- The supply of infant milk.
- By donating products every year for the Green Father Christmas project.

You can also support the Secours Populaire: www.secourspopulaire.fr

Les Restos du coeur

Laboratoires Gilbert engages with the Restos du Coeur charity by donating infant formula and essential hygiene products for families in need.

You can also support Restos du Coeur: www.restosducoeur.org

La Rochambelle - Fight against breast cancer.

For over 10 years, Laboratoires Gilbert has supported Rochambelle - France's 2nd national women's race that supports the fight against breast cancer - through our cosmetic brand, Laino.

To find out more about Rochambelle: www.lescourantsdelaliberte.com

The agency for donations in kind

Laboratoires Gilbert supports the agency for donations in kind by donating hygiene products and basic necessities.

To find out more about the Agency for Donations in Kind: www.adnfrance.org











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