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Our hospital presence

Hospital and institution partners

Laboratoires Gilbert has worked in partnership with health establishments for over 20 years.

More than 2,300 health establishments (public and private) in Metropolitan France and the overseas territories have chosen to put their trust in us.

Prestigious establishments treat their patients on a daily basis with products manufactured by Laboratoires Gilbert. Moreover, EHPAD (Établissement d’Hébergement pour Personnes Agées Dépendantes - Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly) or local and regional authorities also reference our products in order to meet their specific requirements.

Our range of Gilbert Healthcare antiseptics, dedicated to health care establishments, is used in operating theatres to perform surgical procedures whilst our treatment and hygiene products are used by medical departments. Our products are used by medical staff for a wide range of patients: from premature babies to end-of-life individuals.

Our sole focus is to ensure the quality and safety of our products for all users: for medical staff who apply the products and the patients being treated.


Our hospital presence

Whether used for hygiene, as antiseptics or skin treatment, our Gilbert Healthcare products are utilised in medical and surgical departments:to clean the surgical site, disinfect before positioning catheters or to treat wounds.
Our main partners in these establishments are hospital pharmacists, hygienists, nurses or qualified theatre staff.

They place their trust in us:

Établissement Français du Sang

Paris Public Hospitals

Institut Gustave Roussy



French Army Hospitals

Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille

Civil Hospices in Lyon


Treatment for Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly & local and regional authorities

Laboratoires Gilbert is present in over 500 private and public retirement homes through the Gilbert Healthcare range, which provides reference skin care and body hygiene products with well tolerated formulations to guarantee patient well-being on a daily basis.

Gilbert Healthcare products are also used to treat patients in certain emergency situations:
- Fire Service (SDIS)
- Red Cross
- AIDES Association


Clinical aromatherapy: another approach to treatment

Aromatherapy is increasingly used in Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly or in hospital palliative care.
Clinical aromatherapy is a therapeutic alternative which can reduce the number of medicines being administered and any related side effects. Moreover, the aromatic fragrances can also stimulate the olfactory receptors, improving the emotional state of patients and promoting the well-being of health care personnel.
Ainsi, Le Comptoir Aroma is therefore used in 155 health care establishments in France:

  • 140 Assisted Living Homes for the Elderly and retirement homes
  • 7 clinics
  • 8 hospitals


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