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& Blending
on a daily basis
R & D - Innovation - Safety
Take nature's therapeutic potential into account, identify the best origins and select the most active part of water and plants for our formulas.
Extract the active substances while preserving their original quality carefully create them to guarantee the synergy of the active substances their natural properties and preservation.
Produced in France from sources on the historical sites of Normandy and Brittany sites that are constantly changing . Made In France - acknowledged and appreciated on the international stage (Normandy, Finistère, Pyrenees, Cévennes) the quality benchmark of their products.
Check safety through scientific tests. Laboratoires Gilbert products have proved their worth and are widely used in a hospital setting in pharmacies on a daily basis for families in France and across the globe.

Our areas of expertise

Baby's Health and Infant Nutrition

Grow with confidence

Respiratory ENT and Ophthalmology

The natural reflex.

Natural Health

A different view of health.

Family Pharmacy

Daily essentials for those minor ailments that affect the entire family.