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Blue Dose

Blue Dose Date created : 2016 Activity : Food supplement

An additional asset to your immune system

Blue Dose is a food supplement drink with an interesting concentrated active ingredient, namely spirulina: phycocyanine at a dose of 1g/L. Phycocyanine, which is intensely blue, is a potent immunostimulant.


Pictos Blue Dose
Blue dose is ideal to help you face the stresses and strains of everyday life (stress, fatigue, etc.):
-Helps to promote tone and vitality
-Helps to tone the immune system
-Promotes the body's resistance
-Vitality in case of fatigue

100% Natural: Gilbert pharmaceutical laboratories use a pure strain of spirulina (Spirulina platensis) and pure water taken from the heart of the Corbières mountain chain in Languedoc – Roussillon.

100 % preserved: The process used to extract phycocyanine from a pure strain of fresh spirulina combined with sterile dose packaging carried out by Laboratoires Gilbert preserves the extract's molecules in their original form with all of their biological properties.

KRL test*: displays strong anti -oxidising defence properties confirmed by KRL laboratory testing. The KRL laboratory test measures the anti-radical activity of a nutrient and its overall capacity to protect cells exposed to given oxidative stress.
(*"free radical kit" test developed by the Kirial International Laboratory in Dijon, managed by Doctor Michel Prost)

Practical – Unbreakable – Can be Easily Transported – Recyclable

Instructions for use:

2 single doses per day

1 single dose per day

Warning: A food supplement must not replace a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Use as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.

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